Check your Tax Credit, Form 26AS, PAN Ledger, Form 16 and TDS/TAX Refund and other more.

Friends, I would like to share with you some instructions issued by Income Tax Department while filing the ITR. Each and every Taxpayee/Assessee knows about Form No. 26AS i.e. Annual Statement of PAN ledger. While submitting the Income Tax Return, the Income Tax Department fully instructed to Taxpayee/Assessee that verify your Form No. 26AS or PAN Ledger otherwise you may in trouble or face problems which arise after submitting the Income Tax Return like Refund not Received, Communication with Income Tax Department etc. However to avoid such type of problems and smooth operation verify Form No. 26AS or PAN it definitely solved your all critical problems.

How to Check your tax credits in 26AS statement before filing IT return?
Taxpayers are advised to verify the tax credits available in 26AS statement before filing the Income Tax Return. It will facilitate faster processing and quick refunds. In order to avoid the TDS mismatch i.e if your claim of TDS is higher than the tax credits available in 26AS statement, please contact the Deductor for filing of the correction TDS statement.

Who can Carry ?
  1. It is not mandatory for Individuals Assessee.
  2. It is necessary only for Companies, Partnership Firm, HUF, Government Institution (State or Central) or Trusts etc.
How to check Status ?
To check status of Form 26AS or PAN Ledger with Income Tax Department with folowing sources:
  • Internet Banking - Service - Free
  • e-filling Login - Service - Free
  • Registration to view Tax Credit through Nodal Center. - Service - Chargeable

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