Income Tax Slabe for A. Y. 2012-13, Tax & TDS Calculator for Central, State and All Bank Employee.

Friends, At the end of every Financial Year, each and every one who paid tax i.e. Tax Payee Persons calculating the income and tax liability their on, in each year. Tax Payee have project to invest money in right funds, they see annual budget passed by Cabinet Govt. and declared Income Tax Slab by Finance Minister. The government has brought about relief for the common man by widening this tax slab from the previous years. Here is a look into the slabs for the current financial year to help you prepare your investments and income, and to be able to file your tax returns accurately in the following assessment year.

Basic Tax Jargons

Financial Year, Assessment Year and Previous Year, do these commonly used income tax jargons often confuse you? This is what they mean.

1. Financial Year (FY) – Duration of one year between 1st April to 31st March of the following year, in which all financial information are reported. The current financial year is 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011.

2. Assessment Year (AY) – The income of a particular financial year is assessed in the following financial year, which is known as the assessment year. For the current financial year, income will be assessed in the assessment year 2011-2012.

3. Previous Year (PY) – The financial year preceding the assessment year, the income of which is assessed in the following assessment year. Assessment year 2011-2012 will assess income for previous year 2010-2011.

Income Tax Slabs

With the upward revision of the tax slabs, there would now be more savings for the consumers. Basic tax exemptions limits have been retained; however, the brackets have been broadened. Below are the income tax slabs and rates applicable for the current financial year 2011-12 and assessment year 2012-13.



Taxable Income

Tax Rate

Up to Rs. 180000 (Men)

Up to Rs. 190000 (Women)

Up to Rs. 250000 (Sr. Citizen age - 65 yrs.)




From Rs. 180000 to 500000 (Men) From Rs. 190000 to 500000 (Women) From Rs. 250000 to 500000 (Sr. Citizen age - 65 yrs.)




From Rs. 500000 to 800000 (Men)

From Rs. 500000 to 800000 (Women)

From Rs. 500000 to 800000 (Sr. Citizen age - 65 yrs.)




Above Rs. 800000 (Men)

Above Rs. 800000 (Women)

Above Rs. 800000 (Sr. Citizen age - 65 yrs.)




* Increase in base income tax slab of men and senior citizens. * Tax exemption limit remains the same i.e Rs. 20,000 on investment in tax saving Infrastructure bonds.

* Senior citizen age reduced from 64 years to 60 years. * People above 80 years of age to be included in the newly introduced 'Very Senior citizen' category.


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