G.P.F. & C.P.F. Interest Rate Notification for State and Other illegible Employee of Maharashtra State.

As per notification of Maharashtra State Govenment, the G.P.F. and C.P.F. interest rate increased from 8% to 8.6% from December-2011. As mentioned in notification the State Government declared the G.P.F. and C.P.F. interest as follows:
  • Interest rate from 01st April 2011 to 01 November-2011 = 8%
  • Interest rate from 01st December 2011 to onwards = 8.6%
Thus, the State and other illegible employee of Maharashtra State get benefit of 0.6% from December-2011. It is clearaly mention that in the financial year 2011-12 the government increases the G.P.F. and C.P.F. Interest rate two times. Therefore, employee of Maharashtra State will grow the GPF and CPF fund.

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