How to Check Jurisdiction of ITR, Ward, Circle, PAN - TDS Status & Refund Status ?

Friends, do you know your Income Tax Jurisdiction, Ward, Circle PAN-TDS and Refund Status, where you submit Income Tax Return. If you aware about it, don't worry. I would like to share with you my personal experience for that.

When I am going to submit my Annual Income Tax Return at nearest Income Tax Department Office, I was face the too problem about my Jurisdiction of Income Tax, I unknown about my Ward/Circle. So, I find the below for you:
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It is very important to know your PAN Jurisdiction and it is too easy to check your pan Jurisdiction (WARD / CIRCLE NUMBER). Simply you Type your correct "Surname", "Date of Birth" or PAN number and just Check your Jurisdiction Click Here.

To check your status Income Tax Return by providing PAN No. We have attached a excel file which will help you to check your Income Tax Return status Click Here.

The Taxpayee did not submit Income Tax Return online or e-Filing and face the problem to get their huge amount of Income Refund after submission of Annual Income Tax Return. The actual/correct and complete online process of income Tax Return Click Here.

As you know TIN-NSDL updates data for TDS/TCS & Income Tax regularly. It helps you to revised your return if their is any correction. The TIN-NSDL provides Software with best utility for taxpayer or tax deductor Click Here.

To get More Information Click Here


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