Expected D.A. from July-13 is 88% i.e. 8% increases.

As per Central Government employee State Government and any other Illegible Employee of Maharashtra had already enjoying 72% Dearness allowance from 01.07.2012. It increased by  7% i.e. from 65% to 72%.  There is no doubt that Dearness Allowance will be going to increase from 72 to 80% as per AICPI as on Dec-2013 by 8% i.e.from 72% to 80%. And as per estimated value of AICPI the Dearness Allowance from July-2013 will be increased from 80% to 88%. It means that it will be increased by 8% again.

How to determine Dearness Allowance from 01.01.2013 ?
Due to recently increased Diesel price and On the basis of upcoming higher price of index and excepted AICPI by the world market position, the assume consideration is as follows: 

Formula for Calculation of DA from 01.07.2013:

Dearness allowance = (217.8-115.76)*100/115.76= 88.15%
After ignore fraction = 88%

By the above projected calculation it is most expected Dearness Allowance rated to be increased by 8% w.e.f. 01..07.2013 it means that Dearness Allowance reaches 88%.