Form - 16 with Part-A & Part-B generate from NSDL ".fvu".

Good news for Taxpayee & Tax Deductors that the TIN-NSDL has announced and published a new Form - 16 auto generation system along with Part-A and Part-B whichever is applicable.  This facility only possible to those Taxpayee or Tax Deductors whose TAN Registred with NSDL.  Therefore I request to Taxpayee and Tax Deductors to registered TAN with TIN-NSDL.

NSDL - Form - 16 gives to Taxpayee or Tax Deductor as follows:
  1. PART A
  2. Summary of Tax Deducted at source (Quarterly basis)
  3. PART B
  4. Annexure-A
  5. Annexure-B
Please Note:  Generation of FORM NO. 16 through NSDL does not print PART-B of the FORM 16. In case a deductor generate form no 16 through NDSL, he gets only PART-A, summary of tax deducted at source, annexure-A and Annexure- B.


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