Know your e-TDS/e-TCS Return Status (Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4), whether it is uploaded or not properly.

Almost Tax payee/Tax deductee/Tax deductor forget once after uploading / submitting the Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 Return of e-TDS/e-TCS at TIN Authorized Center else they got Provisional Acknowledgment Receipt number or not of return. Apart from you well known about uploaded return, although you view at Income Tax official side whether your return is uploaded or not properly.

How to check e-TDS/e-TCS Return Status (Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4) ?
  1. There is the best way to confirm the status of uploaded e-tds/e-tcs return is the Provisional Acknowledgment Receipt Number.
  2. In case you do not found the Provisional Acknowledgment Receipt Number for the return in question then it is difficult but not impossible.
  3. With the following link, Status of uploaded return can be checked by deductor.

What are the requrements to view e-TDS/e-TCS Return Status (Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4) ?
  1. There is no need of any Certificate Number or Registration or Sign Up etc.
  2. Just fill some information regarding the return in question and get confirmation of uploading whether it is uploaded or not.

Step 1 : "Click Here" to view PAN.

Setp 2 : After "Click Here" link, The bellow screen is appear on your monitor.

Notes :


All fields are Mandatory.


Count of records present: Signifies count of records present at TIN against TAN and Financial Year provided.

View your Form 26AS online at TIN website to check if TDS/TCS credit (with booking status 'F') has been effected.


Contact your deductor/collector if:

  • TDS/TCS credit is not present in your Form 26AS. This may be on account of inconsistency in quarterly TDS/TCS statement filed by respective deductor/collector.
  • TDS/TCS credit is present in your Form 26AS with booking status other than 'F'.
  • Incorrect credit is available in your Form 26AS.


No Record found: Records for combination of PAN, TAN and Financial Year mentioned is not available at TIN.


Possible reasons for record not found at TIN are:

  • Deductor/collector has not submitted quarterly TDS/TCS statement.
  • Deductor/collector either has not quoted your PAN or has quoted your PAN incorrectly.
  • You may also confirm your PAN available with the deductor/collector.

Register online to view your Form 26AS


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