How to make corrections in the Income Tax Challan (TDS).

There are numerous instances where there is an error while making payment of Tax either electronically or manually. To rectify these errors. Income Tax Departmental has issued new guidelines effective 01.09.2011. This new mechanism allows Banks to correct physical challans only. For correction in electronic challan, request will have to be made to the concerned Assessing Officer.

For general benefit, the procedure for correction is physical challan is given hereunder:

Fields that can be corrected by Banks:
  • Assessment Year.
  • Major Head Code.
  • Minor Head Code.
  • Total Amount
  • Nature of payment (TDS Codes)
Time frame for Correction Requests:
  1. Request for correction has to be made within 7 days of the deposit of challan for correction in PAN/TAN and Assessment Head.
  2. For Major head, minor head and nature of payment, request can be made within 3 months of the deposit of challan.
Remedy available after time from is over:
  • After laps of time frame, request can be made to the Assessing Officer.
Time frame given to bank to carry out correction:
  • After receipt of requests, bank must carry out correction within 7 days.


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