Form No. 27A : NSDL RPU for preparation of eTDS/eTCS Returns

Dear Tax Payee,
It is most useful and common demand of those Tax Payee, who uses with NSDL RPU for preparation of etds/etcs returns. The Annual eTDS Return generation of Form 27A from FVU. Form 27A is a physical form which is to be submitted each and every Regular/Correction etds/etcs return. Software providers have created many software regarding submission of e-tds/e-tcs returns, they are using auto generation of Form 27A facility,16, 16A etc. But the user of NSDL RPU has no such facility to generate Form 27A etc.

Make Form No. 16 or 16A within a minute:

As our past experience, Form 16 and 16A generation software is already ready which prepare forms 16 and 16A from fvu directly with in minutes. This software saves time and generate easily forms from file validity utility.
Form 27A with NSDL RPU :

Latest development is that form 27A generation is possible from any FVU. All procedure of installation of software and it's running is equal to the software of form 16 and 16A generation.

Installation Process
  • Just place fvu file named Q1.fvu or Q2.fvu or Q3.fvu or Q4.fvu in folder \e-tds\fvu\
  • Click on 27A.exe file available in \e-tds\27A.exe
  • File 27A.prt will be available in in folder \e-tds\output\27A.prt
  • File 27A.prt can be opened in Microsoft word and printing is possible in Dot/Laser Printer.
Download Facilities:
  • Free of cost. Yes, form 27A generation from any fvu file is free utility.
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