Save Tax and get Tax Relief u/s. 89(1) on Previous Years Arrears, How?

Friends, near about every state of India implemented 6th pay commission and thus the State Government is liable for 6th Pay arrears in Financial year 2011-12 and onwards. Due to arrears, income tax of employees in respect of financial year 2011-12 is going up and employee are receiving very less net amount after deduction of tax.

Therefore, employee unkown and unaware from taking of arrears which can be breakup in respective years and tax relief can be claimed u/s 89(1), but, most of them have no idea, how to calculate relief under section 89(1) of income tax act. We have prepared a 89(1) relief calculator for arrears received in 2011-12 and arrears related to financial year 2005-06 onwards. This calculator is under test condition so not available for download yet. For the time being you can use it online only.

Calculation Sheet

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